The ClearPath Mission

The ClearPath mission is threefold: psychotherapy, education and services.

To provide education through retreats and seminars for corporations, groups and couples or individuals

To provide personal psychotherapy and counseling to those needing specific healing and growth

To provide training and workshops for Practitioners

We recognize that symptoms in body, mind, emotion or spirit call to us as opportunities for change. Our philosophy is to support individuals, relationships and organizations in their unique movement toward self-healing and growth.

ClearPath is a multi-faceted organization providing services for individuals, and practitioners developing their skills further. The center has grown organically from the work of its founders, Andrew Seubert LPC, NCC, and Barbara Hale-Seubert LSW, CSW-R, both psychotherapists by profession.

Their vision grew out of recommending and experiencing the benefits of medicine and bodywork to their clients, based upon the integration of both western and eastern healing traditions, and has evolved into providing training, retreats and workshops on a variety of topics and applications.

Contact us to make inquiries or arrangements for any of the events listed on our website.