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ClearPath is a healing arts center which has grown organically from the work of its founders, Andrew Seubert, MA, and Barbara Hale-Seubert, QCSW,
both psychotherapists by profession.

Their vision grew out of recommending and experiencing the benefits of complementary medicine and bodywork to their clients, based upon the integration of both western and eastern healing traditions.

altOur services include...

The ClearPath Mission

The ClearPath mission is to facilitate healing and growth, using the resources of a team of professionals who provide integrated and collaborative services.

We recognize that symptoms in body, mind, emotion or spirit call to us as opportunities for change. Our philosophy is to support individuals, relationships and organizations in their unique movement toward self-healing and growth.

The ClearPath mission is threefold: services, education and consultation.

Barbara writes a blog sharing scenarios from her practice in the hopes that this information will give some extra guidance to those seeking helpful answers and also as a way of keeping people informed on what she does and how she does it. The Blog is very interesting reading for individuals and practitioners alike.

READ BARBARA'S BLOG Latest Post - The true hero's journey never ends

Andrew writes from a completely different angle. Andrew's blog are sharing his thoughts and heart with those who would listen as they read. Andrew's article and information are available on various pages throughout this website, but looking into his Blog is like sitting down to share some special time with him.

READ ANDREW'S BLOG Latest Post - The Art of Gratefulness

Latest News - Details for the Winter training events are coming to your mailboxes.

The Basic Training for EMDR and one of the follow-on workshops, 'Parts'/Ego State Work... will be running in the first quarter of 2015. See the events page for dates and venues.


We can help...

Anxiety & Panic
Conflict resolution
Creating healthy step families
Eating disorders
Grief & Loss
Life Transitions
Managing stress
Marital/couple issues
Personal growth and development
Psychospiritual integration
Trauma Survival
Divorce & Separation
Sexual Abuse
EMDR treatment
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